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We work across multiple discplines and sectors. We have helped each business achieve their individual goals.
Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Cochie

Create strategic, audience appropriate content for all digital social channels. The goal was to create brand awareness, improve audience engagement and industry relevance within the market.

Brief: Set up accounts on industry appropriate social media platforms with profile biographies. Create and schedule content across all digital platforms, with the primary objective to drive traffic to the website for purchase and enquiry. Process weekly and monthly analytical reporting for review and discussion.

Sector: Food Service

Outcome: Since launching social media accounts for Cochie, Triano's website traffic has increased by 36% and their monthly enquiries have increased by 122%.

Cochie range

Product launch for Triano Brands

Build and launch a new vegan brand within the UK retail market.

Brief: Research the current retail industry to highlight brand competitors and target audience. Define brand proposition and corporate strategy. Liaise with manufacturer on product development and sampling. Create brand identity through appearance, communication, marketing and digital strategy. Design detailed plan for effective sales and marketing implementation.

Sector: Retail

Outcome: Triano Brands have launched their delicious vegan range Cochie into e-tailers and independent retailers across the UK. More contract and distribution channels are in the pipeline for 2020.

Neoseven work

Marketing and Communications Strategy for Cignella

Create a cohesive communications strategy for Cignella to increase customer engagement, brand awareness throughout Europe and improve annual turnover by 20% through increased direct sales.

Brief: Manage and improve current digital platforms to highlight an indistinguishable brand. Revise target audience to personify its wants and desires. Create and schedule engaging content across digital communication platforms, such as website, email newsletters, customer service channels and social media. Provide weekly and monthly analytical reporting from all communication outlets for review and discussion.

Sector: Travel & Tourism

Outcome: Since managing Cignella's communication, Cignella's direct sales have increased by 27% and social media engagement has improved by 47%.

Cochie Consumer Event

Consumer Event Management for Cochie

Manage consumer testing session for Cochie to gage prospective client feedback on product taste, brand identity and mission.

Brief: Arrange accessible taste testing session for consumers within the proposed target market. Manage event location including setup, props, catering and budget etc. Coordinate event promotion to maximise attendance. Provide analytical surveys to gain quantitive data. Offer data driven feedback and comment for all digital platforms.

Sector: Retail

Outcome: Cochie gained statistical feedback to highlight that 90% enjoyed the product; 100% liked the branding and 89% would buy it if it were availabile to purchase. This data was then used to pitch Cochie to distribution outlets and prospective sales channels.

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Neoseven work

Logo design for Global Infosys

Create a logo for a new accounts outsourcing solution service.

Brief: The business provides accounts outsourcing solutions for accountancy practices and SME’s and have developed a new service that is focused on delivering bespoke reporting using reporting automation technology. The brief was to design and create a logo that fully represents that service for use across multiple platforms.

Sector: Financial Services

Outcome: Logo, colour palette and typography was proposed and signed off by the client and is now being used in all printed and literature to promote the new service offering.


Brand development for Boxerdome Ltd

Propose business name and develop brand guidelines for new B2C precious metal organisation.

Brief: Research and find a name that truly represents the business. Design and develop a logo, tagline, mission and vision statements, colour palette, typography, tone of voice and guidelines for use across different channels. Once approved write copy for every page of the website and develop a strategy for entry into the market.

Sector: Precious Metals Trading

Outcome: Delivered everything outlined in the brief, now working on website development.