TikTok to be reviewed in the US and Australia

15th June 2020

Following India's decision to ban TikTok last week, there is speculation that America and Australia may do the same. For more insight into the threats that social media platforms pose to political regimes and the importance of data control, click here:

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Facebook to warn you if you share posts over 3 months old

29th Jun 2020

New Feature: Facebook will soon warn you if you share an article over 90 days old. This will help keep posts on the site more relevant and up to date.

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Marketers spending more on video-content advertising

15th June 2020

As the slowdown caused by coronavirus begins to end, marketers are spending more on video content advertising on their social media channels. For more insights, click here:

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Scheduling Tweets now a Twitter feature

29th May 2020

Breaking news! Twitter has now introduced post scheduling directly via its website, eliminating the need to use any third-party scheduling tools. This feature has the potential to change the way that Twitter is used, making it easier for everyone to schedule tweets.

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Implementing 'the new normal' into your marketing strategy

19th May 2020

As normal life begins to resume across the globe, how should marketers adapt to the changes that have presented themselves? For more on this topic, click below:

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Key content marketing KPIs you should be tracking

22nd April 2020

Tracking the right elements of your content marketing campaign is imperative to know whether you are approaching your objectives. It's all well and good to be getting likes and shares, but how do you know if that's actually getting you closer to your goals? To read which KPIs you should be tracking, click below:

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Only 8% of consumers think that brands should stop advertising in the current climate

7th April 2020

New survey data reveals positive feedback for brands, who in the wake of COVID-19 have been forced to tailor their marketing strategies to encourage their customers to adhere to government guidelines globally. For more on this topic, click below:

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New opportunities in e-commerce advertising as COVID-19 boosts online sales

24th March 2020

With COVID-19 keeping many of us on lockdown, e-commerce has been on the rise. Online shopping has become a necessity for those affected by coronavirus. In this article from Marketing Dive, see how companies like Amazon are increasing their advertising spending and adapting to meet the demand in online shopping. For more on this topic, click below:

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The average B2B buyer consumes 13 pieces of content before purchasing

11th March 2020

A survey has reported that B2B buyers are consuming 13 pieces of different types of content before deciding on a vendor to make a purchase. For more on this topic, click below:

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Facebook are introducing a Creator Studio App

26th February 2020

Facebook has recently announced the introduction of a new app that will perform the mobile function of the desktop Creator Studio hub, allowing creators to manage their content from their phones. For more on this topic, click below:

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Instagram is bringing monetisation to IGTV

11th February 2020

Instagram are reportedly introducing monetisation to IGTV, allowing content creators to run short ads just before their videos. As a result, those on IGTV can begin to generate income from the app as they can currently do on both Youtube and Facebook. For more on this topic, click below:

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Facebook may not be introducing ads to Whatsapp

24th January 2020

Despite intentions revealed late last year to introduce ads to Whatsapp status, sources now claim that Facebook have backtracked on this plan. Facebook initially formed a group of people to look into integrating ads into the communication app, however their work so far has now been deleted. For more on this topic, click below:

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Agency's ad taken down for upholding "harmful gender stereotypes"

11th January 2020

According to BBC News, the Advertising Standards Authority has banned an ad by agency People Per Hour on the grounds that it upheld "harmful gender stereotypes. Arguing that having the world 'girl' in front of boss undermines the credibility of women in power, People Per Hour have now been asked to take down their ad. Instead, they have proposed a new ad to remove the word "girl" and instead change the phrase to "You do the boss thing". For more on this topic, click below:

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Burger King have released a vegan burger not suitable for vegans

7th January 2020

Burger King have reportedly released their new King Rebel Whopper: a vegan burger not suitable for vegans. Despite the fact that the burger itself is made from plant product, it will be cooked on the same grill as meat and contains non-vegan mayonnaise. Burger King have stated that this burger is aimed more to "flexitarians" as opposed to vegans themselves. To read more on this topic, click below:

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Gen Z prefer brands who talk about social issues... and brands are catching on

19th December 2019

Generation Z are 58% more likely to buy from brands who take a stance on social issues, according to PR Newswire. Is that why Coca-Cola and Google partnered up on a Christmas campaign about how political google searches are lower over the holiday period? For more on this topic, click below:

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Hashtag use has risen substantially on Instagram

11th December 2019

According to a joint study by Fohr and Later, the use of hashtags across social media has increased by a huge 249%! To read more on this topic, click below:

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Twitter have released their 2020 marketing calendar

5th December 2019

Twitter have released their 2020 marketing calendar, outlining key dates throughout the year that could be instrumental for planning content. Download your copy here:

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Whatsapp will be introducing ads

28th November 2019

Whatsapp has announced that they will be introducing ads within Whatsapp Status, expanding the digital advertising space. To learn more about this topic, click below:

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