Communicating with your audience is as much visual as it is verbal.
We can help tell your story through design.

Our approach is simple - Discovery and understanding, creative, interpretation and then design implementation.

Creative & Design

When it comes to design what looks good is a matter of opinion, but the fact is that purpose led design drives result. Interpretation of the brief is important and adhering to the brand guidelines is important but what is most important is what you want to achieve from what is created.

We provide a host of creative design services including brand, logo, corporate literature, product packaging and POS, website, print and digital advertising. We have an awesome team who think outside of the box to help your brand creative stand out. A great brand can be let down with poor creative, beautiful design work portrays the right image for your business and builds long term trust.


Most advertising goes unnoticed. High impact advertising grabs attention and sticks in people's minds, revolutionising their perceptions of your products and services. We design the adverts that busy people notice, whether in publications, traditional print or online industry magazines.

We adapt to your needs, whether you are looking for a full integrated campaign or a one-off ad, we can help. neoseven will ensure your advert is eye-catching, creative, on-brand and result oriented. There is plenty of discuss readily available that presents the argument that advertising is dying. But, we believe any form of advertising, from display ads to magazines to billboards and bus stops, with effective strategy and implementation, you can receive a great return on your efforts and investment. As with all marketing, your audience will play a huge role within your decision to advertise. Do you know your audience? Visit our brand guidelines page to view our top tips on what you need to know.

Creative & Design - Brand Creative

Brand Creative

Design help differentiates brands and the right design can change the look, feel and perception of your business. Your brand identity is tangible and appeals the consumers senses because they can see it, touch it and identify with it. Brand identity expressed through design fuels recognition which builds trust.

Corporate branding extends beyond your logo, colour palette, fonts and imagery used to create your marketing materials. It is the essence of who you are as a business and what you stand for, your culture is exposed to both your internal and external audience. This visual story that you tell as a brand helps shape your path to success. Our design team and brand experts will work with you to design and create the brand identity that will speak directly to your audience and elevate your company’s status.

Marketing Collateral

Many people think graphic design is restricted to designing websites, it's not just about digital but for print as well. Effective design regardless of the format starts with an idea, what we do is nurture these ideas and transform them into marketing collateral geared towards success. Helps to differentiate from competitors.

Our graphic designers produce high-end designs for our clients, using a consistent brand approach to create a seamless look across all printed and digital materials. Consistency and creativity are crucial to developing an effective marketing strategy. We can design and create one-off ads or bespoke integrated marketing campaign collateral, including catalogues and sales brochures, product data sheets, branded stationery, financial reports, exhibition stands and much more.