We research, develop and create corporate branding propositions

We follow a six stage programme - Research, Strategy, Identity, Planning, Implementation and Management


Where you think you are vs where actually are.

  • Brand identity audit
  • Customer brand perception - satisfaction survey
  • Employee brand perception - satisfaction survey
  • Competitor brand audit

The first priority of any brand research programme is to pull together all the existing resources that you have available and agree if this provides an effective 360° view of the current brand. Where it is felt that the views from either internal or external stakeholders are not fully understood, we would commission specific research to address this. This may involve some or all of the following:

  • Interviews with key customers and partners
  • Interviews with senior managers within your organisation
  • Group workshops with employees
  • Focus groups with key stakeholders
  • Online surveys

One of the real benefits of doing primary research is the insights and endorsements gained during the process. We can go on to use these in communications outputs.



Where you want to be

  • Workshop with leadership team
  • Definition of branding proposition and key messages to reflect the agreed corporate strategy
  • Development of new product and service propositions if required

With a clear understanding of where you are today, we will work with you to debate, define and articulate a clear brand strategy for the future. This is often seen as the most critical stage of the entire programme. neoseven will facilitate a highly interactive and challenging workshop where you will consider your desired brand proposition

Strategy & direction

  • Vision: How do we see the future?
  • Mission: How do we see our part in that future?
  • What goals do we want to achieve?
  • How do we position ourselves?


Customer proposition

  • Who are our customers?
  • What are their real issues and needs?
  • What do we have to offer?
  • Why should people choose us?

External manifestation

  • Identity: What do we look like?
  • Personality: What are we like to deal with?
  • Tone-of-voice: How do we come across?
  • Media: How do we communicate?


Internal manifestation

  • How do we define our culture?
  • What values guide how we behave?


Heart of the brand

  • If we strip everything unnecessary away, what remains?
  • What is the big idea that shapes everything we do?
  • What really matters to us?


How do you want to be perceived?

During the Identity phase of the project, we would create the look and feel for a wide range of communications outputs that would demonstrate:

  • How the basic brand identity (logo) would appear on all essential communications
  • How key messages from the Brand Proposition would be articulated and used with an appropriate tone-of-voice
  • How images would support these messages, in the form of either photography or illustrations or a mix of both
  • The use of a bespoke colour palette of primary and secondary colours
  • Graphic design standards to create a distinctive, visually appealing style
  • How specific media choices, such as the use of video or online tools, might support communications with key stakeholder groups and provide more effective ways to convey the overall brand story (this will also include corporate signage, leaflets, newsletters, brochures and display boards).

In all the concepts shown, we would be trying to develop a brand identity that is at once clear, consistent and compelling. The message must be conveyed simply and directly. Standards must be used so that all outputs work together to achieve a result that is greater than the sum of the parts. Finally, the communications materials must really engage with the audience and connect with their specific issues and concerns.



How will you achieve your goals?

Detailed communications planning is the basis of effective implementation. With a wide range of diverse stakeholders, all with different information needs and wants, what is needed is a communications plan that has messages that will inform, educate, engage and inspire. This will be extracted through the processes above and shared as

Customer Personas - To help you develop and share a greater understanding of the needs and wants of different individuals so you can better align your products, services and communication messages.


Marketing Plan - So you can document a comprehensive strategy using your own in house resources


Communications Plan - So you can map out a program of activity across all key channels for the period ahead, this will include all the channels mentioned in your brief.


How will you deliver each element of our branding plan?

As soon as we have delivered the Marketing Strategy and Communications Planning of this process, the next step is implementation to ensure each element is executed according to the agreed plan. From the launching of the tactical marketing collateral, building of a new website, sorting out bespoke stands for exhibitions and events to engaging and managing your social media community.

We also create robust design templates supported by the detailed brand guidelines for most common applications, handing this over to your in-house design team so they can produce routine materials (case studies, data sheets, presentations etc.)

Visit our clients site www.trianobrands.co.uk to experience our latest example of branding implementation!

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How will you maximise your branding investment?

We are often asked to help develop the skills of individuals or the entire internal marketing team, We are happy to facilitate away day sessions for your in-house team and will be as flexible as you need us to be.

If your in-house team is not in a position to fully deliver on the approved plan neoseven can work with your team on implementation, analysis and or reporting. You decide the level of support you need and we will deliver accordingly.

Keeping track of progress is essential to demonstrate a return on your investment on the strategy, branding, communications and design. We will help you set up monitoring and analysis tools to help you keep track and assess performance. Success metrics systems could include.

  • Number, value and quality of your customer base
  • Number of inbound sales enquiries/leads
  • Volume of PR coverage
  • Scale and reach of social influence
  • Conversions ratio from PPC and social media advertising

View some of our latest work, here.