Our marketing services at neoseven cover a multitude of disciplines, across digital and traditional platforms of marketing.

Firstly, we try to understand the current situation of a brand or company, we then begin to look forward to visualise where it wants to be.

For instance, a prospective client can currently be ranked #23 within its industry for its services, with a turnover of £500.000, but they would like to be within the top 10, with a turnover of over £1 million. A marketing strategy is entirely dependent upon goals and completely relevant to those aims. If a company has small aims with mostly maintenance activity required, our marketing services would reflect that. Whereas, a company who has large dreams and aspirations will implement a much grander, lengthier strategy.

At neoseven, our marketing services cover seven pillars: Branding, Creative, Design, Event Management, Social Media & Digital.


From the creation of new brands to the revitlisation of existing ones, neoseven has the expertise to support your brand development and creative programmes. Whether you're looking to develop awareness, change perception of an existing brand or launch a new brand or company, neoseven can help.

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Creative & Design

What looks good is a matter of opinion. What works is a matter of fact. We provide a host of creative design services including brand, logo, corporate literature, product packaging and POS, website, print and digital advertising.

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Event Management

We love to get creative and make events remarkable and memorable, but more importantly, create awareness and engagement with the right audiences. Whether the events are trade shows, sales and makerting meetings, hospitality events, conferences, or team building Neoseven will take care of it all.

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Social Media

Social media is designed for people to talk to each other and for brands to talk to people. Good social media management basicially means developing and maintaining lasting relationships with your audience, and the growth of your business is dependent on strong relationships.

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Digital Marketing

Neoseven provides cutting-edge digital strategy, design and implementation to provide interaction and promotion through a complete range of digitial media. From digital engagement campaigns and programmatic, native, display and search advertising, SEO and content marketing.

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